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Primary Source Verification (PSV)


What is primary source verification?

Primary source verification is a procedure to confirm authenticity of a qualification directly with the awarding institution via a third party.

Why is MMC introducing PSV?

As a regulatory body, it is our utmost priority to safeguard and provide assurance to the public that the medical practitioners registered with MMC are qualified and competent to provide the highest standards of medical care. It is a best practice against fraudulent credentials.

Who needs a PSV?

a. Medical graduates including Malaysians who graduated abroad applying for provisional or full registration for the first time
b. Doctors with foreign postgraduate qualifications/credentials applying for specialist registration
c. Doctors with foreign qualifications applying for temporary practicing certificate (TPC) for the first time

Who do not need a PSV?

a. Local graduates from Malaysia
b. Doctors with local postgraduate qualifications applying for specialist registration
c. Non-Malaysian doctors applying for renewal of full registration
d. Doctors who possess a prior registration with the MMC using the satime qualification e.g TPC

When does this apply?

Effective 1st June 2020 as decided in the MMC’s 395th meeting on the 21st January 2020.

How will you verify my qualification(s)?

Currently, the MMC have appointed 2 bodies for the verification of medical credentials. The applicants may choose any of these verification body, and application should be made in a timely manner to ensure that the application can be processed on time.
a. Educational Commission for Foreign medical Graduates (ECFMG) through their online system Electronic Portolio for International credentials (EPIC)
b. The DataFlow Group through their online system – click here

What do I need to do?

a) Before you start your verification process, you should check whether your degree is listed in the Second Schedule and/or your postgraduate qualification is listed in the recognized postgraduate medical qualifications. If your qualification do not meet the registration criteria, the MMC will not grant you with a registration, even if they have been verified.
b) Set up an online account with either EPIC or
c) Upload the required qualification(s) for verification in the online account
d) Once your qualification has been verified, the ECFMG or the DataFlow group will notify you and MMC. The verification report will be sent to MMC directly.
e) Once verified, your completed application will be processed

How much will it cost?

You are advised to check the fee section of the ECFMG/ DataFlow Group as all verification paytiments will be made directly to them. Please be reminded that all cost for PSV is at your own expense.

How long will it take to verify my qualification(s)?

This depends on a number of factors, including:
– the time it takes for your awarding institution to respond to
– whether your awarding institution accepts these requests electronically (sending requests by post or courier will take a longer time).
We recommend that you start the verification process as early as possible and have your qualifications verified before applying for a registration with us.